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Three ways to set the right mood with LED lights

We all know that they’re small, long-lasting and energy-saving. But when it comes to ambience, LED lighting is often overlooked. Here are some tips that do as much for function as they do for atmosphere.

A soft light to lead the way

A down-facing, hidden LED strip adds just the right amount of comforting light and offers a guiding glow for night-time hall dwellers.

Mix in a dash of green and fresh air

There’s just something about lighting up the night just outside your home. In a garden, on a balcony or simply by a window work equally well. If you can, include some plants in the setting (both make the other look even better).

Back to basics, but with a twist

Finding new ways to set the mood is good, but sometimes you just want to go with what you know: tea lights, candles, kerosene lamps. And since they all come in LED versions, you can have the best of both worlds – fireproof, flickering flames.

Soft lighting for a new season