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If your child is afraid to sleep because of the dark night, or there are adults who cana??t fall asleep around you, then I highly recommend this Tortoise night light

Why You Need It

  • The Tortoise night light is comfortable and cute. It brightens the room in three soothing colors through the small holes in its plastic shell, projecting the starry night sky onto the walls and ceiling of any room, helping children even Adults overcome their fear of darkness.

  • Three soothing color choices allow your child to not only learn to recognize different colors, but also to truly experience them. Amber exudes warmth and peace. Green creates an atmosphere of rejuvenation; blue helps calm the senses.

  • Four automatically played pure music can also be used as lullabies to lull children to sleep, which not only relaxes parents, but also allows children to have the sweetest dreams in the dream of bright stars and soothing music like princesses and princes.
  • Tortoise night light is an educational interactive toy that makes it fun for children to go to bed: parents can stay with their babies and use the illustrated starry sky guide included in the package to identify eight constellations. The Twilight Turtle also includes a lively story about how the Twilight Turtle, who was separated from his father, used these constellations to find a way home.

  • Safe and energy-saving design: The turtle's shell is made of plastic safety materials, and the tortoise body is made of soft kylin velvet, plus PP material cotton padding, which is very soft and comfortable. Children will definately love it!

  • The pediatrician said that the children slowly adjust to the dark and go to sleep one hour before bedtime. Press the button on the shell of the twilight turtle to light up the stars and glow for a full 60 minutes-enough to sleep most children. Once after 60 minutes, the lights will automatically turn off to extend battery life and allow your child to slide into the deepest sleep. If necessary, press the button again to reactivate projection.

  • The perfect gift: This is a great gift for kids who are afraid of the dark or adults who have trouble sleeping. Or give it to yourself, travel around during the day, and come back at night to be your own star castle.

How to use it

A. Open the bag on turtlea??s belly and remove the plastic insert.
B. Turn the switch to the ON position:
1. Start the ON/OFF button on the back: light start and switch.
2. The button of the music symbol, start, switch and close the music.
3. L2 button: The light flashes cyclically, with two different flashing effects.
4. L3 button: start, switch monochrome lighting. Built-in 3 wonderful hypnotic music; 4-color high-brightness energy-saving LED light-emitting element, which is environmentally friendly and safe.


Size: 32*19*10*cm (12.6*7.5*3.9 inches???

Material: Shell: Safety Material Body:Sopple Kirin Velvet

Color: Blue, Pink, Green, Yellow, Grey-green

Package Included:

1 plus Twilight Turtle

3 "AAA" batteries (Batteries Not Included)


Ita?s not that the more expensive batteries are more suitable for toys. Many toys have very thin circuits. Please use ordinary carbon batteries. It is not recommended to use strong batteries such as Nanfu batteries, otherwise they may have poor contact or even break the toy.

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