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Ideal for Halloween and other holidays.

Iron Owl Light is a model designed to bring more sophistication and intelligent lighting to your garden. Make your home beautiful and bright !ŃÇé

This luminaire has solar batteries for various products and technologies, and solar energy converts sunlight into electricity. In addition to being an amazing product, it also does not consume electricity.
Independence´╝ÜIt is sustainable through solar energy itself and has no grid.

  • Economic´╝ÜUtilities do not require monthly fees or wiring.
  • Easy to install´╝ÜWireless, simple and easy to install and can be used immediately.
  • Integrated design´╝ÜAll components in one.


  • Solar energy LED spotlights use renewable energy.
  • Perfect for lighting paths, walkways and gardens.
  • Easy to install, just activate the piles on the ground.

The package includes:
1 lawn light

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